Bianca in water

Meet Bianca

Description of what you do
Working with Jaro and the team, I oversee TWJ's strategic web activities as the Digital Marketing Consultant. My role includes campaign optimization, content generation, and
innovative SEO tactics to make sure our brand appeals to and engages our target market. I make sure we propel TWJ's digital marketing initiatives forward by keeping a close watch on industry trends.

What you’re passionate about
I'm deeply passionate about creating a dent in the universe—be it in my professional pursuits, personal connections, or daily interactions. My commitment is to create lasting impressions and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Whether shaping digital strategies or nurturing relationships, my goal is to contribute to a collective journey that makes a difference in the lives of others.

A short story about a challenge you overcame in life
I've been working from wherever I want since I finished college, which is pretty cool. But when the pandemic hit, I had to stay put at home because of lockdowns. It was tough waiting for things to get better. After a year, local borders started to open, and I snagged the chance to spend the rest of the lockdown in Siargao Island, Philippines. It turned out to be awesome—I picked up surfing, made some new friends, and had a blast living the island life. It was a reminder of life's simplicity and the joy that comes from embracing the unknown.
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