Meet Jessie

Description of what you do
Hi, I’m Jaro’s virtual assistant (and bestie) helping him manage the behind-the-scenes of managing Instagram DMs, comments, and community growth. I repurpose reels for Facebook, and I also assist other members of the team with one-off projects like light brand outreach and project organization.

What you’re passionate about
I absolutely love how social media brings people together. Assisting incredible people like Jaro in building their online presence and connecting with their community is truly awesome and makes my career rewarding!

A short story about a challenge you overcame in life
One of my biggest challenges was when I was preparing to get married. I thought I had all my ducks in a row, but I quickly learned that my partner had eye cancer and we had to cancel our wedding two months before. It was devastating, but it was a hidden opportunity for me to pick up new skills so that I could work from home to keep an eye on my partner.

Fast forward 3 years later, he’s in great health and better than ever, and I’m working from home doing things that truly ignite my soul!
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