Meet Josh

Description of what you do
Hey! I am Josh and I help Jaro bring his visions and ideas to life on his website as well as manage some other technical aspects behind the scenes in relation to the website!

What you’re passionate about
I LOVE being creative. It's what drew me to web design in the first place. I can play a bevy of instruments and have been known to have written and sung a few songs in my days! I also am reallllllly passionate about drinking iced mocha lattes. They are my fav!

A short story about a challenge you overcame in life
I had a hard time being satisfied with working at places that didn't allow me to flex my creative muscles. Or at regular 9-5 jobs in general. An opportunity came to start my own website design and management business and it has been a game changer. Granted, running your own business presents new challenges everyday, but I find myself excited to tackle each new problem that heads my way!
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